If you get behind the wheel in Miami, Florida beware! Drivers in this city are the rudest in the country--for the third year in a row. They speed. And tailgate. They change lanes without signaling. And they'll cut you off without a second thought.

That's the word from the automobile membership club AutoVantage of Norwalk, Conn., which has ranked the top five U.S. cities with the worst road rage and the top five cities with the most courteous drivers. The results are based on a 2008 survey of 2,512 adult drivers who regularly commute in 20 major U.S. metropolitan areas.

The Worst Cities for Road Rage:

1. Miami, Florida

2. Boston, Massachusetts

3. New York, New York

4. Baltimore, Maryland

5. Washington, D.C.

Cities With the Most Courteous Drivers:

1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

2. Portland, Oregon

3. Seattle, Washington

4. Minneapolis, Minnesota

5. Cleveland, Ohio

The top rage-inducing behaviors witnessed by other drivers are talking on cell phones, speeding and tailgating, as well as switching lanes unsafely, eating or drinking, slamming on the brakes and running red lights.

What do we do when we encounter road rage? The drivers who are most likely to react to a rude driver are those who are young or have long commutes. To show their displeasure, they honk the horn, curse or make an obscene gesture. They might even report the offending driver.

But some are more aggressive. They might try to cut you off, tailgate or speed. What should you do? AutoVantage recommends you remain calm and don't make eye contact with an angry driver.

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