Will Saturn bring the Agila mini-car to the US?

Since Saturn has essentially become the U.S. arm of Opel, and all the new models (aside from the Outlook crossover) are essentially re-badged Opels, the big question is, "what next?" With sales of larger trucks and SUVs in complete collapse and carmakers scrambling to shift production to smaller cars, Opel has a model that might be a perfect fit, the Agila. The Agila is developed and built jointly with Suzuki and is sold as the Splash by the Japanese brand. The Agila is powered by three and four cylinder engines of 1.0L and 1.2L displacements.

It's unknown if the Agila is even close to being able to pass U.S. safety standards. However, GM will begin producing engines in the U.S. next year that fall into that size range so there will be U.S.-certified engines that would fit. The Agila could potentially make a very interesting competitor to the Smart ForTwo, VW up! and Toyota iQ. The Agila is built in Poland which may make it an affordable option for the U.S. market. The 1.2L version is rated at a combined 42.8mpg (U.S.) with the 1.0L version scores 47mpg (U.S.).

[Source: BurlappCars.com]

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