Toyota Crown hybrid gets Night View, spots pedestrians

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We've questioned why some automakers in the past have gone to the trouble of replicating the look of traditional gauges when normal ones would do the trick. In the case of the new Toyota Crown Hybrid, though, there is a good reason for the 1280 x 480 pixel LCD panel mounted directly above the steering wheel in the dash, and Toyota calls it "Night View." Though other companies have used some sort of night vision technology before, and many have begun offering headlights that turn with the steering wheel to improve the safety of driving at night, Toyota has gone a step further by adding human recognition to its system. The technology currently only works when the vehicle is being driven between 15-60km/h, or about 10-40 miles per hour. Certain conditions, like rain, can also sometimes force the system to shut down. A high cost is also being cited as a potential obstacle to bring the technology to market. Toyota, however, is forging ahead and currently working on lowering the cost of Night View and programming it to recognize bicycles and animals.

[Source: Nikkei]

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