National Alternative Fuels Foundation's $3.6m earmark trouble

So, there was this group called the National Alternative Fuels Foundation. We haven't mentioned them on AutoblogGreen as far as I can tell, and that's a good thing. The NAFF, you see, was the recipient of a $3.6m earmark from Congress in the early part of this decade. As Talking Points Memo found out, the earmark was possibly the result of lobbying from Bill Orr, the former president of the National Alternative Fuels Foundation, to Bob Schaffer, currently a GOP Senate candidate but formerly a U.S. Representative. Schaffer hasn't been accused of anything, but he was on the board of the NAFF in 2004 and 2005.
Orr was found guilty this week of defrauding investors and the U.S. government over a fancy new alternative fuel additive that used "vapor phase combustion." What, did no one notice that this had the word "vapor" in the name? According to the Denver Business Journal, the indictment against Orr says that he bilked $559,200 from 43 investors and then got at least $2m from the EPA. To get the monies, Orr allegedly "submitted false documents, including phony scientific test results." Orr's sentencing hearing is coming up. Just something to think about if you're the money-ready investor type.

[Source: Talking Points Memo, Denver Business Journal]

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