CEO says Hyundai "green line more advanced than Prius"

Toyota pretty much has the hybrid market cornered right now with its Prius sedan, and the automaker is reaping the benefits of the model's fuel efficiency in the form of record sales. This fact also makes Toyota the envy of various other automakers, considering that their hybrid sales make up a sliver of the overall market. This being the case, nearly every competitor is currently developing advanced hybrid models of their own, including Hyundai, which plans on offering hybrid models for sale in the year 2010.

According to Hyundai CEO Dr. Kim Dong-Jin, its new hybrid technology is "more advanced than the Prius." Don-Jin goes even further, calling the best-selling hybrid model "now quite old-tech." The first Prius was designed back in the late '90s while the current model has been on sale since 2002, and we all know how quickly technology advances. Still, calling out the Prius, which is pretty much the preeminent green car in the world, before your answer to it is even on the market, isn't likely to win the Korean company any friends. Plus, a next-generation Prius with a new version of the company's Hybrid Synergy Drive in on its way and will likely reach showrooms by the time Hyundai begins offering its own hybrid. Yes Hyundai, your first hybrid may be better than today's Prius, but can it beat tomorrow's?

[Source: Autocar (print edition) via Winding Road]

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