BMW X1 to be built in Leipzig

BMW announced today that it would begin building its entry-level CUV at the automaker's Leipzig plant, alongside the 1- and 3-series. The news confirms rumors that the X1, which has yet to be revealed publicly, will indeed be built on the 3-series platform, lending some amount of sporting cred to the mini 'ute.

BMW hasn't announced what exact markets the X1 is destined for, but the decision to produce in Liepzig is part of BMW's efforts to shift production into the regions in which its vehicles are primarily sold. As such, the next X3 will join the X5 and X6 at BMW's Spartanburg plant, instead of the Magna center where it's currently produced.

Expect the BMW X1 to be revealed later this year or early in 2009.

[Source: Reuters]

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