Hybrid Jags and Land Rovers coming in five years

With the cash-infusion that Jaguar and Land Rover are getting from their recent acquisition by Tata Motors, hybrid vehicle development for the two brands is now underway. Indeed, production hybrid vehicles are expected within the next five years. A three-liter liter diesel six cylinder engine, an enlarged version of the current 2.7 liter, and a new five-liter direct injected V8 will be used for these planned hybrids. While JLR knows it wants a hybrid, the exact system for development is still under debate. Mercedes plans to use a new transmission from supplier ZF for its upcoming S-Class, and Jaguar is said to be considering this unit as well. According to Autocar, another option for Land Rover is known internally as the 'Electric Rear Axle Drive' electric motor.

Both Jaguar and Land Rover have recently received government funding for the development of eco-friendly technologies, and much of the work for the upcoming hybrids is expected to be completed as part of these initiatives.

[Source: Autocar]

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