Here are a few dumb reasons why hybrids are bad for us... sigh

There may be a legitimate complaint levied against hybrids and the lack of sound that they produce. It's possible that pedestrians with poor eyesight might not notice a vehicle running on electricity if that person normally equates a specific sound with an approaching automobile. According to a post on Commercial Auto Dealers, though, the lack of sound inside a hybrid vehicle could lull you to sleep. Yeah, in these days, as manufacturers do everything in their power to reduce the interior noise levels in their products, that's a stupid claim to make. The writer also says that the electricity used by electric cars could be dangerous to your health. Umm, what about gasoline or diesel fuel. Last we checked, those can be rather harmful to your health too, and so can the fumes spewed from the tailpipes of said vehicles. Smog anyone? In conclusion, the writer suggests that you go buy a GMC truck. Did that writer forget that they are offered as hybrids too?

[Source: Commercial Auto Dealers via The Truth About Cars]

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