Another Toyota RAV4 EV for sale on eBay, already going for $50,000

Looks like fluffytheleopard (seller rating: 0) saw the possibility of big cash when that 2001 Toyota REV4 EV sold for a record $89,200 on eBay the other day. Actually, the record price in that sale turned out to be a bit of a problem for the high bidder, about which we'll have more later today. Still, after a few months with nary a RAV4 EV on the internet auction site, a second all-electric vehicle is currently on the block. And fluffytheleopard is hoping his or her RAV4 EV with 60,000 miles on the odometer will bring in the big bucks like the other. Here's a snippet from fluffy's lengthy auction description:

Here are some highlights for you, which I hope you will find helpful:

1. Recent prices: A 2001 model in white, which did not have leather upholstery and did not appear to have tinted windows, sold for $89,200 on Ebay on May 25, 2008. That particular car also had two previous owners before it was sold again on Ebay. By contrast, I have been the single owner of my EV since inception.

We're not against fluffy - or anyone else - trying to catch a wave and make some money on a six-year-old electric car. We mention this sale to point out, one again, that electric vehicles that operate like real cars are in incredibly high demand. So far, after just a few hours on eBay, two bidders have bid fluffy's ride up to $50,100. We'll see where this ends up.

[Source: eBay]

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