2001 Toyota Rav4 EV fetches a record $89,200 on eBay!

The Toyota Rav4 EV we brought to your attention the other day has sold on eBay with the auction winner making a final bid of $89,200. We have seen the Rav4 EV bring in over $50,000 on eBay before and they've even reached up to almost $70,000 but this may very well be a new record. Perhaps it was the extra goodies included in the deal such as the wall-mounted Magnecharger and the spare pair of new tires. Maybe it was the low mileage or the high price of gas (We are pretty sure it wasn't the factory-installed cassette tape player). Whatever the motivation, the new owner went up $100 mere seconds after the next highest bidder had upped the ante by $10,000 ending a very spirited bidding war.

Not much is known about the buyer except that, judging by their other recent purchases, they are into woodworking, possibly owns a Blackberry as well as a trailer and no longer needs a leather wallet. They also have good taste in wallpaper borders and apparently enjoy making purchases on eBay.

*Update: Sale has not gone through to this buyer. Will report final price when known.

[Source: eBay, Thanks to Rei for the tip]

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