Spy Shots: 2010 Jaguar XJ interior, look familiar?

Proving that Jaguar is truly serious about dumping its staid, old man-ish image is a lone spy shot of the upcoming redesigned XJ sedan's new interior. True, Jag's bread-and-butter sedan has not seen much in the way of changes since... well, never, but we weren't sure just how far Jaguar management was willing to go for its interior redesign. As it turns out, they didn't go very far at all, as the new XJ's duds seem to closely mimic those of its little sibling, the new XF sedan. Gone is the sweeping swath of wood. In its place is a large leather-lined panel that also houses a big touchscreen, which has proven to be refreshingly easy to use in past Jaguar models.
Also making the jump from XF to XJ is the now familiar rotary gear selector called Jaguar Drive, which rises from its console-mounted position when the vehicle is started. In the XF, this is all part of the so-called "Jaguar handshake," and we'd bet that the starting procedure will stay roughly the same in the new XJ. While some may miss the old-world atmosphere with which Jaguar has soldiered on for so long, we find the new-look interior absolutely stunning in the XF. And while we're sure that it won't be exactly what we see in this spy shot, we look forward to seeing it in person in the next XJ, as well.

[Source: Car Magazine Online]

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