NICE Super Light Electric Sport Car showcased at SMMT test day

At the beginning of May we told you about sales predictions made by the NICE Car Company. At the very bottom of the press release that accompanied that post there was mention made of a new car unveiling that would happen at the annual SMMT test day, which is a day of new-car driving for journalists held at the Millbrook proving grounds. Well, that day has come and gone and while the Internets seem uncharacteristically devoid of information about the various goings on, we do have some information about the car in question.
The Super Light Electric Sport Car is a concept vehicle that embodies much of the technology that NICE believes will help propel electric-powered cars to the forefront. Its steering and braking are electrically controlled instead of mechanically and it's all designed around a carbon fiber cell. We're not sure if NICE thinks scissor doors are the key to the future but this car has them and with the roof panels also lifting out of the way along with the doors, ingress and egress (getting in and out) should be quite easy.

According to Channel 4, the project was conducted in a partnership with Cranfield University's power and drive systems group. NICE co-founder, Evert Geurtsen, said of the vehicle, "This is not a production car, but it does show what is possible when design starts from the principle of electric-drive upwards. When integrated with advanced, lightweight materials, the benefits of this approach become very clear." Although the public hasn't yet had access to the vehicle, all that will change when it hits the floor of the British International Motor Show in late July along with several other new models being added to the NICE lineup.

[Source: NICE / Channel 4]

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