52mpg Peugeot 308 now available as police car

While police agencies in North America have always favored large, high-powered sedans for use as patrol cars, the rest of the world sees things differently. The fact that most of the rest of the world has always had much higher fuel prices has certainly played a part in this. Police officers in Europe seem to get along fine with compact or mid-sized cars like the Opel Vectra and the Peugeot 307. Peugeot's latest entry in the segment is the 308 HDi 90. The 308s are being prepared by Peugeot's Special Vehicle Operation for police duty with light bars, sirens, radios, police markings and other modifications. With fuel prices at $8-9 a gallon in much of Europe, operating costs of police vehicles are a major concern. The 1.6L diesel 308 manages 52.2mpg (U.S.) on the EU combined cycle and emits 120g/km of carbon dioxide.

[Source: Peugeot UK]


  • Peugeot's first 308 Police cars are due out on patrol this month
  • 308 HDi 90 S is the ideal green choice for a blue light patrol, combining performance with 120gCO2/km emissions with fuel economy of 62.7mpg
  • Peugeot's Special Vehicle Operation now equips the 308 with 'Blue-light' conversions for UK Police forces

The Peugeot 308 is now available as a front-line police car, following the completion of the first equipped conversions by Peugeot's Special Vehicle Operation (PSVO), based in Coventry. 308 is also available as a 'one stop shop' vehicle purchase for all Police Forces.

Due to its low CO2 emissions, the 308 1.6-litre HDi 90 S is one of the 'greenest' diesel vehicles adopted by police forces in the UK with just 120g/km and fuel economy of 62.7mpg (Combined Cycle). The 308 can comfortably seat five people yet reaches 62mph in just 12.8 seconds, making it a practical and efficient squad car.

In addition to its environmental credentials, the 308 police car also features a quality conversion by PSVO that includes a (blue) light bar, siren, PA system, hand set, control box, LED bumper lights and a full police livery. The next project for PSVO will be to adapt the brand new 308 SW estate vehicle for Police use.

Andy Bye, Manager of PSVO, said; "The 307 has been a success with UK Police fleets, and the improvements in the new 308 mean we have a very competitive proposition – a product that performs well at all levels. Police forces are increasingly mindful of the operational cost of running a fleet, and their impact upon the environment. The Peugeot 308 HDi 90 S combines low emissions and strong fuel economy, without compromising its role, with added practicality and performance."

The in-house team at PSVO is a dedicated one-stop-shop for all Peugeot emergency services vehicle conversions, including Police Support Unit, Canine Patrol conversions, 'Scenes of Crimes' and 'Cell' vehicles.

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