TVA Gazelle tilting vehicle joins Automotive X Prize

Click on the image for more shots of the TVA Gazelle

In the last few years, we've witnessed a rash of new three and four-wheeled vehicles which are radically different than what is currently considered normal for automobiles. Many of these tilting designs have been created expressly to combat the growing problems associated with congestion and emissions. Add another unique machine to that list, the TVA Gazelle. Designer Phillip James from Australia is tackling the efficiency issue with an new design, the most interesting part of which is the steering system. Instead of connecting the steering wheel directly to the front wheels, the steering wheel in the Gazelle controls only the tilt of the vehicle, leaving the front wheels alone to point themselves in the direction the vehicle is headed in. This is a similar principle to that of a leaning motorcycle, and James has videos on his site which show the potential stability of such a system.

TVA will be entering a vehicle in the Automotive X Prize using this innovative platform which features four wheels. The Gazelle platform could accept an electric or hybrid drivetrain, it will be powered by a conventional four-stroke engine displacing 350ccs from a modern ATV which should be capable of delivering 100 miles per gallon. We look forward to seeing how the Gazelle fares under testing.

[Source: TVA via Gizmag]

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