AFVI Show: Narrow Car Co. brings 100 mpg Naro ... something ... to Anaheim

Part bike (the size), part Moonbeam (the fuel efficiency), and part dream, the Naro vehicle concept will be on display at the AFVI Show in Anaheim next week. This tiny vehicle - designed for city use as a personal commuter, a taxi or a delivery vehicle - is intended to return over 100 miles per gallon (60 g/km of CO2 emissions) from a 400 cc, single-cylinder, 4-valve gasoline engine with a maximum of 20 bhp (there are more specs after the jump). Whether the vehicle on display will be a mule or a more-advanced prototype, we'll have to wait and see.

The Naro concept is part of a Welsh invasion of the AFVI show featuring Connaught Motor Co., the Narrow Motor Co., Breacon Coachworks, PEC, researchers from Cardiff University, the University of Glamorgan, and the Swansea School of Industrial Design. The other showcase vehicle is the upcoming Connaught Type D hybrid sports car. The team from Wales will also talk about upcoming hybrid midi-buses. We'll have more information and interviews with company execs from the show floor next week. A preview press release is after the break.

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[Source: International Business Wales]
Wales To Unveil Its Research Into Fuel Efficient Sports Cars, Urban Vehicles and Hybrid Minibus To Anaheim

ANAHEIM, CALIF. APR. 1, 2007-Talented automotive executives and academic researchers from Wales will describe their plans to build a high performance hybrid sports car, a fuel efficient urban vehicle, hybrid midi-buses and other innovative products at this year's Alternative Fuels & Vehicles Exhibition.

Executives from the Connaught Motor Co., the Narrow Motor Co., Breacon Coachworks, PEC, as well researchers from Cardiff University, the University of Glamorgan, and the Swansea School of Industrial Design will be at the International Business Wales Booth, 734 at the Show.

Connaught is building the world's first high performance sports couple with a gasoline/electrical engine capable of 150 mph, 0 to 60 acceleration in 6 seconds and delivering 42 mpg. Tony Martindale, Connaught's CEO, is attending the conference.

Hugh Kemp, founder of the Narrow Car Company, will explain the two passenger urban vehicle which his company expects to begin producing later this year. It will deliver up to 100 mpg. The car can also be used as delivery van for commercial customers.

Jonathan Williams, a researcher at Glamorgan University, working with Breacon Coachworks, is researching a midi-bus powered by hybrid gasoline/photovoltaic system, while Professor Graham Sparey-Taylor of the School of Engineering of Cardiff University is involved research into solar power cells, power trains and combustion engineering in a new laboratory recently funded by the Welsh government.

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Naro Specifications

NARO is a fully enclosed, two-seat four-wheel vehicle with the banking action of a motorbike to prevent it tipping over when cornering. The vehicle has the footprint of a motorcycle yet is taller than most MPV's - this provides the driver with the visibility to see and plan ahead when moving through traffic. This ability to plan, together with a significant road presence, greatly improves the safety of the vehicle.

NARO is one third the weight of a typical European saloon and has half the frontal area. Hence its power demand is a quarter of that required for today's passenger cars resulting in ultra high efficiency.

The fully enclosed cabin provides passenger-car levels of safety protection (e.g. airbags, ABS, etc) and comfort.

A common platform is used for the complete range of NARO: NARO Executive Commuter, NARO Taxi, and NARO Dispatch.

length - 2.50 m
width - 1.00 m
height - 1.70 m
dry weight - 300 kg

0-60 mph - 12 sec
top speed - 85 mph
fuel consumption - 100 mpg
CO2 emissions - 60 g/km

engine - single cylinder, 4 valve, gasoline
capacity - 400 cc
max power - 20 bhp
transmission - automatic - CVT

suspension - free leaning design with patented roll and adaptive
steer system - front: double wishbone rear: independent trailing link
safety - extruded aluminium passenger cell mounted on a carbon fibre platform

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