Rendered Speculation: 2010 Fiat Topolino

Last year, Fiat launched the tiny new 500 and now the Italian automaker is working an even tinier machine. The diminutive Topolino is due to debut in 2010 at which time it will take on the likes of the SMART ForTwo, Toyota iQ and Volkswagen up!. AutoExpress has produced a rendering of what the Topolino may look like. The new micro is expected to replicate the pattern of the SMART and VW with a rear-mounted engine driving the rear wheels. Motivation will come from Fiat's new 900cc two-cylinder that was shown in the Aria concept at the last Frankfurt Motor Show. In normally-aspirated form in the Topolino it should produce about 65hp that will be passed through a dual clutch gearbox. The Topolino may achieve more than 67 mpg (U.S.) and have CO2 emissions of less than 90g/km. A full hybrid system may also be in the plans in addition to the standard start-stop system. The Topolino is expected to be manufactured at the Zastava factory in Serbia that Fiat just purchased.
[Source: AutoExpress, thanks to Justin for the tip]

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