Ford Flex gets fridge

The move to make your car a rolling house makes takes another step. Ford has included a refrigerator option on the all new Flex, and in doing so has provided something better than what you'll find on many luxury cars. The rear seat gadget doesn't just chill the holding area -- it runs off of a compressor, like a proper fridge, to chill a liquid to keep things cool.

In normal operation it can take drinks from room temperature, at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, down to 41 degrees in two- and-a-half hours. It also has a freezer option that can get keeps items a chilly 23 degrees F. And it is sealed well enough so that it takes almost three hours for the temperature to go up just 18 degrees F. Should you wish to add the fridge to your Flex, the option will cost you a cool $760.

[Source: Kicking Tires]

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