Naughty Pics Aplenty: Agent Provocateur MINI Clubman

Click to view the Agent Provocateur MINI Clubman in hi-res

At first glance, we couldn't help but wish we had had one of these when we were in high school. But on second thought, a pink-accented MINI might not have been the babe-magnet Agent Provocateur would have us believe. At least, not for any girls we know, but if this is what it takes to inspire impromptu gatherings of scantily-clad lingerie models, then who are we to argue.

Sorry, we got a little distracted there. And so can you, just check out the images in the gallery after the jump. Most of them are perfectly safe for your puritanical work environment, but for those few that aren't, we'd suggest waiting until you get home. And the kids are asleep. And your significant other isn't "in the mood", whatever that means.

[Source: MINI]

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