Motorcycles owners report average of 56 miles per gallon

While scanning the news for important green automotive information, we ran across a note from Allstate Insurance which mentions that the average motorcycle rider reports fuel consumption of just over fifty-six miles per gallon. For comparisons sake, automobile drivers report an average of 22.4 miles per gallon. It's impossible to know for sure how many new riders have specifically chosen to ride a motorcycle or scooter for the sake of fuel savings. What's not debatable, though, is the rapid rise in motorcycle registrations in the last decade. As Allstate points out, ten years ago, there were roughly four million cycles registered in the United States. This year, there are over six million bikes registered. Granted, not every trip that's possible with a car is possible with a motorcycle, but when a bike is a viable option, we're pretty sure that the owners of said two-wheelers are enjoying the less frequent fill-ups that their rides require.

Press Release:

Soaring Gas Prices Shine Money-Saving Spotlight on Motorcycles

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich., May 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers are feeling the pinch this season as they fill up at local gas stations. With prices creeping near $4.00 a gallon, motorists are realizing the economic benefits of traveling on two wheels instead of four. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, more than 6 million motorcycles are registered throughout the country, compared to about 4 million only ten years ago.

There are many reasons for the rapid rise in motorcycle popularity, but recent numbers suggest that fuel economy may be a growing factor. In 2006, The U.S. Department of Transportation's Bureau of Statistics reported that passenger cars averaged 22.4 miles traveled per gallon of gas, compared to a whopping 56.1 average miles traveled per gallon for motorcycles. For that same year, passenger cars consumed an average of 554 gallons of gas, while the average annual fuel consumption for motorcycles checked in at only 33 gallons.

"Riders love their motorcycles for a variety of reasons, and we're seeing more of them on the road as the weather gets warmer," says Luci Little, North Central Regional Sales Leader for Allstate. "Gas prices may be a persuasive factor for more people to ride motorcycles and stretch their fuel dollars."

"Great Ride Giveaway"

In homage to motorcycle buffs and in conjunction with Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May, Allstate's North Central Region is hosting the second annual "Great Ride Giveaway." One lucky winner from Michigan, Ohio and Indiana will each win $5,000 towards the purchase of a motorcycle and/or accessories.

Consumers can stop by participating dealerships in the three states to register for the drawing. Entries are being accepted now through August 15, with state winners being selected on August 22. Not a grand prize winner? Two additional lucky gear heads from each dealership will win either a $200 dealer certificate for second place or a $100 dealer certificate for third place (rules and regulations available at all participating dealerships.)

"For the cycle riders looking to upgrade, add or start their collection, the 'Great Ride Giveaway' is a fun way to celebrate Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month while saving dollars at the pump," adds Little. "It also brings top of mind the importance of safe driving behind the wheel of a motorcycle."

Get Your Motor Running With Smart Safety Tips

Due to their size, motorcycles can be overlooked in traffic, often resulting in injury or even death. Allstate and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), which sponsors National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month in May, recommend the following safety measures for all riders:

-- NEVER mix alcohol and motorcycles: In 2006, NHTSA reports 27 percent of motorcycle operators involved in fatal crashes had blood-alcohol levels of more than 0.08 (the national definition of driving drunk). And on weekend nights, 59 percent of motorcycle operators who died in single-vehicle crashes had blood-alcohol levels of 0.08 or higher. -- Make yourself visible: Choose protective gear that will increase your visibility in addition to providing protection in the event of a crash. Wear bright colors that make you more visible and, if riding at night, wear clothing with retro-reflective materials. -- Ride where you can be seen: Remember that there is no one safe place to ride. Use lane positioning to your advantage to be seen and to provide extra space for emergency braking situations or avoidance maneuvers. Avoid the driver's blind spots. Make your lane moves gradually, and always signal your intentions. -- Wear a helmet: It is estimated that wearing a helmet improves your odds of surviving a crash by 37 percent. -- Clearly signal your intentions to other drivers: Signal before changing lanes and never weave between lanes. -- Anticipate a motorcyclist's maneuver: When you're driving in the vicinity of a motorcycle, predict evasive actions the cyclist may take to avoid potholes or debris in the roadway. Always allow plenty of space between your car and a motorcycle. Whether you're a "Great Ride Giveaway" winner, new rider or veteran motorcyclist, safe riding and appropriate bike coverage go hand-in-hand before rolling out on the road. Allstate recommends the following coverages for consumers:

-- Liability Coverage: Helps protect you for damages to others if you're at fault in a covered accident. -- Guest Passenger Liability Coverage: Helps protect you for bodily injury to a passenger on your motorcycle, if you're at fault in a covered accident. -- Medical Payments Coverage: Provides payment for reasonable and necessary medical treatment for you or another insured person after a covered accident. -- Underinsured/Uninsured Motorists Coverage: Protects you for covered damage caused by drivers who do not have insurance or do not carry enough insurance. Plus, you may save up to 40 percent off the standard premium if you: -- Have a homeowners, condominium or auto policy with Allstate -- Have had motorcycle insurance with another company within the last 30 days -- Are a good rider (no accidents, no major violations, no comprehensive losses and no more than one minor violation in the last 60 months) -- Are a member of a motorcycle organization -- Own more than one motorcycle -- Have completed a motorcycle safety foundation course To ensure you'll enjoy the freedom of riding the open road for many years to come, take some important steps today to protect your safety, your vehicle and your peace of mind. For more information on motorcycle riding safety tips, state laws, and course information please visit the Motorcycle Safety Foundation: For learn more about Allstate's motorcycle coverage, upcoming events and other information, please visit

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