Mini does a Max

When we reported on this SM themed Agent Provocateur Mini Clubman, we took an impossible-to-resist shot at Max Moseley, but now Mini and the AIDS charity Life Ball may be making the most of the FIA president's infamous escape, too. In order to publicize the car's upcoming auction, the black and pink police car has been photographed with, you guessed it, four whip-wielding dominatrixes wearing Gestapo-esque caps... and not a whole lot else. This Dutch website has been diligent enough to post a video of the photoshoot (WARNING: NSFW video).

BMW's contribution to Life Ball is commendable, but seems somewhat odd since the boys from Bavaria were among the first to publicly call for Mr. Moseley's resignation from the FIA following his indiscrete trip to a London SM dungeon.

In a related development, The Times newspaper has revealed that the prostitute who videoed Max's exploits is married to a serving (for now) MI5 officer and as such appears to be genuine agent provocateur, much to the delight of conspiracy theorists and the FIA president's lawyers alike.


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