Porsche exec denies small SUV development, two-door Panamera

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Despite what recent spy photos might suggest, Klaus Berning insists that Porsche isn't working on a baby Cayenne. The Porsche marketing executive spoke with Auto Motor und Sport on a variety of topics, from the production of the Panamera sedan to the expansion of Porsche's worldwide dealer network.

Berning told the German pub that Porsche's board hasn't discussed a smaller SUV to slot in below the Cayenne, nor is it considering a successor to the two-door 928 based off the Panamera's FR platform. According to Berning, Porsche's resources are tapped out with the launch of its new sedan, and that development and production of another model would be too much for the automaker to handle at present. Interestingly, Berning admits that the Panamera has the potential to cannibalize Cayenne sales, so despite Porsche predicting yearly sales of the sedan to reach 20,000 units, the automaker expects that overall sales will remain around 100,000 units.

Additionally, Porsche expects to employ another 2,100 workers in the coming years, both in the manufacturing and dealer sectors. The automaker is looking to expand its reach into Russian and China, two of the world's fastest growing markets.

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[Sources: Auto Motor und Sport via The Local]

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