Spy Shots: Baby Cayenne caught on 'Ring!

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Porsche almost slid a fast one by spy photographers recently when it began testing a new baby Cayenne SUV prototype at the famed Nurburgring race track in Germany. The thing looks for all the world like an actual Cayenne SUV, but photographers first noticed its diminutive proportions, then its sharply raked D-pillar, and then the different cut lines around its door. Soon it became apparent that this was no Cayenne, but rather a prototype for a new, smaller Porsche SUV that's likely based on the upcoming Audi Q5. Like most people, we've always thought the idea of a Porsche SUV is kind of silly, but make it smaller and lighter and we get commensurately more interested. Click after the jump for more analysis from the spy photographers themselves.

[Source: KGP Photography]

From KGP Photography:

Now that the dust has settled, we have had a bit more time to analyze the new Porsche SUV prototype that hit the scene today. Our initial speculation that this prototype was based on the Audi Q5 looks solid now that we have further compared the profiles of the two vehicles. The proportions, door sizes, and basic packaging clearly appear linked. We can also see several design touches that Porsche designers have employed to gain some visual distance with the Q5.

While the side window profile of the Q5 has a slight downward slope as you head toward the backlight, the new Porsche appears to have a flatter--and therefore slightly taller--roof line. Conversely, the Porsche's D-pillar and backlight are sloped, while the Q5 opts for a more vertical rear window. The rear-door cut-lines have nearly identical placement and angle on both cars, but the Porsche's has a greater arc as it turns toward the C-pillar cut-line, due to the Porsche's more bulbous, 911-inspired haunches.

The A-pillars and windshields look like they may be shared between the two cars, but the Porsche moves away from the Audi by shifting its side mirrors off of the A-pillars, and onto the door panels. The small triangular brace that holds the Audi's side mirror has gone to glass on the new Porsche.

The overall surface developent of the Q5 displays some angularity, while the Porsche opts for softer details and a more porpoise-like shape to its nose. The Porsche's ride-height also appears much more aggressive, but as this prototype was being flogged in the middle of a tight corner, some of its low stance is certainly attributed to the suspension loads.

The similarities between the new Baby Cayenne and the Audi Q5 are now becoming clearer. But the changes made to differentiate the Porsche are also becoming more apparent as well.

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