Markup Much? Dealer demands $155k for Shelby GT500KR

When I first gazed upon the Shelby GT500KR at a Ford event, I leaned over to fellow blogger Sam Abuelsamid and told him that dealers would try to get $100k for the limited edition road-ruling 'Stangs. Well, as it turns out it wasn't even a ballpark guess, as Lone Star Ford is looking to fetch $155k for his allotted KR on eBay. That's almost double the KR's $79,995 MSRP, but with only 1,000 special edition GT500's scheduled for this year, there is bound to be drastic markup. It is worth pointing out that the Ford GT's MSRP was roughly $155k, and for the same price you can get a BMW M3, a Mustang GT500, and one hell of a vacation.

If money means little to you and you're seriously thinking about shelling out $155k for this Shelby GT500KR, you won't find out a whole lot of information on the eBay page. Part of the reason for that is because Lone Star Ford hasn't yet taken delivery of the 540 hp Mustang that's up for auction. It also explains why the dealer has a photo of a standard GT500 sticker instead of that of the $80k KR.

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[Source: eBay via Carscoop]

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