iMiEV gets the star treatment in three more videos

Mitsubishi must be enjoying seeing how much attention the all-electric iMiEV is getting. We've seen Helen Clark, the prime minister of New Zealand, take a ride in Tokyo, an HD view of the car on iTunes, and a video of the car driving in the mountains of Japan. These are just the beginning, as frequent tipster Yanquetino has found three more for our viewing pleasure.

First, a test drive by Popular Mechanics, which looks like it was filmed in New York City, probably during the auto show in March. In this clip we learn that the car uses 47 kWh when in main drive mode and 18 kWh in economy mode. Second, MSN Autos drives the car and shows just how much space is available in the rear (something we discovered when we drove the iMiEV in NYC). Will all your friends be calling you to come by with the iMiEV when they want to move? No, but if you've got to carry a chair or two around town, the iMiEV is able to do so. Lastly, a clip on YouTube from Japan where the host get a ride on a test track and the iMiEV races an ICE-powered i down the strip (guess who wins). While Yanquetino says he thinks the show might be designed for teenagers, this is just how TV shows are in Japan. The YouTube segment is the only one that's embeddable, and it's available after the jump.

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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