iMiEV on display at Beijing Auto Show, climbs to summit in new video

The Mitsubishi i MiEV electric vehicle is not standing still. In an announcement from Tokyo today, Mitsubishi announced that the jellybean will be on display at the Beijing International Motor Show that starts next week. In the press release about this (which also tells us that about the new Lancer Evolution and is pasted after the jump), Mitsubishi calls the MiEV "a symbol of the company's approach to environmental issues and with a view to introduction on markets outside Japan." That sure sounds like the forces pushing to bring this car to production are not being silenced from within the company. This would be good - no, great - news.

Also, as an addition to our post the other day about the i MiEV videos the other day, tipsters Yanquetino and Amtoro point us to one more video featuring the cute little ride. This video shows the MiEV being unloaded from a transport truck and, as Yanquetino explains, a lot more than that:

Unless I am interpreting the numbers incorrectly, it looks like the engineers take the iMiEV on a hill-climbing test run, from 663m (2,175 ft.) to 2,450m (8,038 ft.), a total vertical ascent of 1,787m (5,863 ft.) over a distance of 28.7km (18 miles).

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the video occurs at 5 minutes, 15 to 25 seconds, when they are going back down the mountain. It shows that the power gauge is now below zero, in the negative numbers, thanks to regen. You can also see that the battery charge is at about 75%. And at 5:21 you'll actually see the charge move another bar closer to full.

I'll just add that the video seems to be dated 2007/11/07 (according to a date at the bottom of the player). Who knows where things stand today. Thanks to Yanquetino and Amtoro for the tips!

Press Release:

Mitsubishi Motors shows new Lancer Evolution at Beijing International Motor Show - launch slated for this fall.

- Electric vehicle i MiEV unveiled for first time in China -

Lancer Evolution (China spec shown)

Tokyo, April 15, 2008 - Mitsubishi Motors Corporation announces today that it will be showing the new Lancer Evolution (Lancer Evolution X in Japan market) high-performance 4WD sedan, which is to be launched on the Chinese market this fall, at the Beijing International Motor Show. The show opens for the press on April 20 and for the public on April 24 at the Beijing International Exhibition Center. Also on display will be the MITSUBISHI Concept-RA*1, which embodies the fun-to-drive and heightened sensitivity for the environment that lie at the heart of Mitsubishi Motors' car building activities, and the Prototype-S sport hatchback concept, both of which are being unveiled in the Asia region for the first time. Joining these on the Mitsubishi Motors stand in a lineup of 13 models is the i MiEV electric vehicle, currently being developed as a symbol of the company's approach to environmental issues and with a view to introduction on markets outside Japan.

*1 : Road Alive

In Mitsubishi Motors' new Step Up 2010 mid-term business plan announced on February 29 the company designates China one of its "focus" markets for the coming years, partly because of rapidly growing demand for automobiles in the country. The company plans to introduce six new models into the market over the next three years, including some built locally.

The Lancer Evolution, to be announced at the Beijing Show, will be the first of these new models. Featuring Mitsubishi Motors' own S-AWC (Super All Wheel Control) vehicle dynamics control system, Twin Clutch SST (Sport Shift Transmission) and other new technologies; this is a new-generation high-performance 4WD sedan that allows drivers of all abilities to enjoy the highest levels of fun-to-drive performance safely and with confidence.

Lancer Evolution was very well received at its Japan launch last October, and the company has subsequently introduced the model on the North American, European (including Russia) and Australia markets. Its forthcoming introduction in China means that the model will be on sale in all of the world's major car markets.

The Mitsubishi Motors press briefing will be held from 1:00 pm on April 20 at the Mitsubishi Motors stand.

1. Mitsubishi Motors lineup at 2008 Beijing International Motor Show

Model Remarks
  • Lancer Evolution New model (Lancer Evolution X in Japan Market)
  • MITSUBISHI Concept-RA Show car. Exhibited at 2008 Detroit Motor Show.
  • Prototype-S Show car. Exhibited at 2008 Geneva Motor Show
  • i MiEV Show car
  • Pajero Evolution Show car. 2007 Dakar Rally model.
  • Outlander EX
  • Central Europe Rally Support Car For Central Europe Rally 2008 Support Car
  • Pajero 3 models on display (2 built in Japan, 1 in China)
  • Outlander EX Built in Japan
  • Grandis Built in Japan
  • Lancer X-Speed Built in China (Show car)
  • Galant Built in China
  • Total 13

2. Local production of Mitsubishi Motors models in China

1. Galant

Based on the North American market Galant, Mitsubishi Motors is currently producing its mid-size Galant sedan locally at South East Motor*1 in Fujian Province, after tailoring its interior and exterior designs to the specific needs of the Chinese market.

The 4860 mm long, 1845 mm wide and 1485 mm tall Galant just squeezes into the mid-size segment to offer a very spacious interior and an exterior that projects a strong road presence. Powered by Mitsubishi Motors' 2.4-liter MIVEC*2 engine, Galant boasts class-topping power and torque for relaxing and stress-free road performance.

*1 : Established in Fujian Province in November 1995, South East Motor is a joint venture company in which the Fujian Automotive Industry Group holds a 50 percent stake, China Motor Corp a 25 percent stake and Mitsubishi Motors a 25 percent stake.
*2 : Mitsubishi Innovative Valve timing and lift Electronic Control system.

2. Lancer X-Speed (Show car)

Based on the Lancer sedan, the Lancer X-Speed is a sporty model that targets the younger generation and is produced at South East Motor. Lancer X-Speed is distinguished by a modern and distinctive exterior and the outstanding handling stability that defines the Lancer series. The exterior maximizes its sporty image through the use of the latest aero parts, an oversize rear wing, exclusive body colors, black headlight bezels and a new alloy road wheel design. (Special items for Beijing Motor Show : Body colors and wheel design) Inside, Lancer X-Speed employs an exclusive sporty red/black interior color scheme. Together with its bucket seats upholstered in genuine leather, Lancer X-Speed gives full expression to Mitsubishi Motors' characteristic sporty flavor that has been nurtured through successive generations of the Lancer Evolution series.

[Source: Mitsubishi]

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