VIDEO: Autocar pits the Caterham R500 against a Ducati

There's no arguing that the Caterham R500 is an amazing piece of four-wheeled machinery. In fact, it may just be the quickest way around a race track short of a Formula 1 car. We're equally as certain that the Ducati Hypermotard is an awesome motorcycle, so putting both of these performers on the same track and letting them have at it is certain to entertain. Autocar must have thought so, too, and udging by the video posted after the break, the event didn't let anybody down. As is usually the case when a bike is put up against a car, the race was close. In the longer straight sections of the track, the Duck's power-to-weight ratio allows it to pull away from the Caterham. The Caterham, with twice the number of contact patches, easily out-brakes the Ducati rider and can carry more speed throughout the turn. So, is the race that will finally put an end to the age-old question about which is faster around a given course? Probably not, but it sure is fun to watch. Want to know who won? Hit the jump, and be sure to pay attention as the Caterham goes airborne.

[Source: Autocar]

The video meant to be presented here is no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Pretty cool, huh? Not that the staged race was perfect, mind you. While we love the idea of letting a fast car and a fast bike let loose on one track, perhaps this wasn't as fair a race as it could have been. After all, the Caterham is a weapon aimed directly at the track while the Hypermotard was created to be as fast as possible on real roads. While it's definitely a sporty machine, a superbike it is not. Therefore, we call for a rematch, except this time, lets invite Ducati's most current track-focused weapon, the 1098. We're not so sure that the finishing order would be reversed with a rider on-board a real superbike, but we'd love to see him try.

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