GM Launches two new turbocharged engines

At a Powertrain technology event in Europe, General Motors has announced a pair of new small displacement turbocharged engines. The 1.4L turbo is gasoline fueled and will be used globally in cars like the Opel/Saturn Astra starting in 2010. Depending on the application, the engines will generate 120-140hp and use eight percent less fuel than a comparable output 1.8L normally aspirated engine. The turbocharger is integrated into the exhaust manifold and both the intake and exhaust valve timing can be fully varied. We drove an Astra with a prototype of this engine last summer and it felt stronger than the production 1.8L model thanks to better low end torque.
The other new engine is a 1.6L unit that will only be offered in Europe. A 1.6L turbo engine fueled with compressed natural gas will be added to the Opel Zafira lineup. This engine gets a similar manifold integrated turbocharger to the 1.4L engine. The intake manifold has dual fuel rails for gasoline and CNG and has an output of 150hp with 25 percent lower CO2 emissions than a comparable gas engine.

[Source: General Motors]

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