AFVI 2008: we present to you the lifesize Monopoly Prius

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Remember the big deal it was when the "Here & Now" version of Monopoly came out and there was a Prius pawn inside? Well, there's Monopoly Prius standing guard at the entry way to the AFVI expo hall here in Las Vegas this week. The hybrid is totally decked out in Monopoly money decorations and has landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and the Seattle Space Needle painted on it. Aside from being a good conversation piece, the display takes care to note that the Prius is the first car in space - since the game's updated tokens were sent into orbit on the Space Shuttle at some point. Is this display a big deal? Not really, but when I get home from this trip, I'll post another batch of pictures I took a few months ago, just for fun. Who knew there was more than one person who wanted to decorate their car in Monopoly money?

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