McCain will discuss environmental policy specifics today

Photo by Marcn. Licensed under Creative Commons license 2.0.

Following the economist revolt against John McCain's "gas tax holiday" idea, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee is going to try and change the current dialogue about his stance on climate change. He will do this by getting into specifics today, according to chief McCain surrogate and economic adviser Carly Fiorina. As WIRED puts it, Fiorina is working hard to distance McCain's environmental stances from those of President Bush, and it's likely that emphasizing this difference will be a big part of the new message. We don't know if McCain will offer any new ideas for cleaning up transportation, but there is that McCain-Lieberman carbon emissions bill that's been floating around for five years. We'll see what, if any, new details emerge before we take a stand on the latest proposal from McCain. Daily Kos, though, is ready with their take on McCain's environmental record.

[Source: WIRED, h/t to 1985 Gripen]

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