GM to push premium green image in China

click above image to view more shots of the hybrid Buick Riviera Concept

Here in the United States, hybrids are usually marketed under one of two schemes: green or sporty. Most vehicles, including the flag-bearing Prius, fall under the green banner, with fuel efficiency being the top marketing point. A smaller number of vehicles, mostly all from Lexus, use their hybrid drivetrain as a performance enhancer, and they are often marketed as sporty vehicles. It seems that in China, vehicle marketing from GM will soon hit a mark close to that of Lexus' with their hybrids, as the company will market its Chinese hybrids and fuel efficient models as prestigious vehicles. To go along with the fuel savings of the (sometimes hybrid) vehicle, image in China is extremely important, according to Joseph Liu, General Motors China Group's executive director of vehicle sales, service and merchandising. Therefore, three points will be highlighted from GM in China, the use of water-based paints, the fact that their entire line meets Euro-IV emissions standards and that two of their drivetrains are rated as the most fuel efficient in their class.

[Source: Just-Auto]

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