Ford Mondeo most driven car in UK, Daewoo Matiz the least

According to research conducted by Warranty Direct in the UK, the Ford Mondeo is the most-driven car on average in Britain. The top ten most driven autos list is filled with relatively large and luxurious vehicles. In contrast, the top ten least driven vehicles list is made up mostly of small, fuel efficient models. This makes sense, really, considering that many of those small vehicles are sold to people who live in urban environments, where destinations are closer together. Still, the difference is a bit alarming, with the least-driven car, the Daewoo Matiz (which is now badged as a Chevy), being driven less than half as many miles as the most-driven, the Ford Mondeo. Perhaps these statistics will be altered a bit as smaller vehicles become less of a penalty box than they have been in the past. Small and fuel efficient vehicles are selling in higher numbers now than ever before. See both top ten lists after the break.

Press Release:

'Mondeo Man' clocks up Britain's highest mileage

The Ford Mondeo has been revealed as the most-used car in the UK, thanks to research conducted by Warranty Direct. On average, 'Mondeo Man' clocks up 15,483 miles each year – over 700 more than the next most-used car, the Saab 9-5.

Warranty Direct compiled statistics from more than 50,000 cars over the last 10 years to provide much more accurate details than the benchmark 12,000-mile annual average traditionally used when buying a used car.

Britain's Top 10 Most Used Cars


Average mileage per year

Ford Mondeo (00-)


Saab 9-5 (01-)


Renault Laguna (00-)


Volkswagen Passat (97-05)


SEAT Alhambra (00-)


Audi A4 (01-)


Audi A6 (97-04)


Chrysler Grand Voyager (97-)


Mercedes E-Class (02-)


Volvo V70 (00-)


Naturally smaller cars spend less time on the road, with the Daewoo Matiz taking the title of Britain's lowest-mileage car – its owners drive it for just 6,968 miles per year on average.

Sporty models such as the Mercedes SLK and BMW Z3 also spend more time on the driveway than the highway, with average mileage of just 7,425 and 7,518 miles respectively.

Although the Mondeo recorded only the seventh highest used car sales figures of 2007, its prime position in the company car market puts it in the firing line for high mileage, along with fellow fleet favourites, the Saab 9-5 and the Renault Laguna.

"This kind of information could prove invaluable when buying a used car," said Warranty Direct's Duncan McClure Fisher. "For example, you may find a four-year-old Nissan Micra with 30,000 miles on the clock and think it's a low mileage machine but in reality it's just the average. With a bit of shopping around you could probably find even better."

Britain's Top 10 Least Used Cars


Average mileage per year

Daewoo Matiz (98-03)


Nissan Micra (98-02)


Mercedes SLK (96-04)


Volkswagen Lupo (99-)


Fiat Seicento (98-)


BMW Z3 (96-03)


Vauxhall Tigra (94-01)


Ford Fiesta (96-02)


Ford Ka (96-)


Daewoo Nubira (97-03)


[Source: Warranty Direct]

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