Lancia launches green signature label for low-CO2 emitting cars

It had to happen: since most European brands have created "eco" signature labels to mark their lowest-CO2 emitting models, it's time for Lancia, which belongs to the Fiat group, to do the same. What's it called? The "Ecollection."

Lancia has modified its Musa model, the subcompact minivan showed above, to produce less than 119 g/km of CO2 (118 for the automatic version) by means of using the well-known1.3 Multijet diesel engine found elsewhere in other Fiat-group models, reducing the suspension and installing some aerodynamic tweaks. Prices start at €18,990 in Spain, where the Muso Ecollection is elligible for another low number: 0 percent tax.

[Source: Lancia via Econoticias]

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