Alfa Romeo launches microsite for Mi.To

Wait. Hadn't Alfa Romeo chosen Furiosa as the name for it's new Junior? Nope. It seems that they changed their mind. Alfa Romeo has launched a new microsite to promote its smallest model which is now named Mi.To. Besides mito being the Italian word for myth, the site says that they chose the name because Alfa Romeo is a brand which has a lot to do with the cities of Milano, where Alfa Romeo was born, and Torino, Fiat's city. Molto intelligente, isn't it?

The Mi.To is based on the Fiat Grande Punto (yes, the same used for the Opel Corsa), and will include some of the same powertrains as can be found there, including the new 1.6 Multijet diesel engines with jaw-dropping mileage figures. It will be put on sale during the second half of this year. Alfa expects to shave off some potential Mini buyers by saying me, too.

There's a video for you after the jump.

[Source: Autoblog en espaƱol]

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