Iowa's doing that cheap E85 thang again

First, some history:
These are just some of the recent ethanol (E85) promotions that companies like GM and groups like the American Lung Association have offered. Tomorrow there's another event, this time at a Kum & Go station in Norwalk, Iowa. For four hours (between 10 am and 2 pm) E85 is on offer for $1.60 a gallon. Full details after the jump.

Say what you will about corn ethanol (and we do, don't worry), the food for fuel debate, and the high cost of gas for most of the country, for at least a few people, filling up the flexfuel car won't hurt quite as much tomorrow as it usually does. Take it for what it's worth.

Press Release:

E85 At $1.60 A Gallon Likely To Draw Many To Norwalk

Norwalk, Iowa – (May 5, 2008) -- With gas prices at record highs, owners of flex-fuel vehicles in the Des Moines metro will be very likely be lining up for E85 for $1.60 a gallon from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. on Thursday, May 8 at a local Kum & Go station. Located at 2991 Sunset Drive in Norwalk, Iowa, the E85 promotion at Kum & Go is the latest in a series of promotions by the Des Moines-based fuel retailer.

"When oil and gasoline prices rise, so does the sales of alternative fuels like E85," said Jessica Zopf, program manager for the Iowa Clean Air Choice Team. "If you are lucky enough to have a flex-fuel vehicle that can use E85 as well as gasoline, promotions like this offer a great value."

The event was sponsored by the Iowa Clean Air Choice Team: General Motors, Iowa Farm Bureau, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, Kum & Go, Iowa Corn Promotion Board, Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Stores of Iowa, Iowa Soybean Association, National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition, Iowa Biodiesel Board and American Lung Association of Iowa.

[Source: Bob from ALAMN]

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