Tender Scarlette gets her sales groove on

There aren't too many 4WD electric jeep look-a-likes on the market and so when we first told you about the Scarlette there were some obvious questions that would eventually need to be addressed. Would they be on the receiving end of a lawsuit from Jeep? Would anyone even buy it? Why would someone call this Jeep-looking thing the Tender Scarlette? Well, so far as we know, the lawyers at Chrysler haven't sunk their fangs into the small French EV-maker yet, though looking at the losses that company is racking up, one might assume they are getting a little peckish. Sales have begun, according to the company's gros fromage (big cheese), GĂ©rard Christaud, the Scarlette is a "go" with 30 vehicles sold and orders on hand for 350 more. Some of these tasty EV morsels have even crossed the Atlantic.

There have been some delays, as is common with new ventures though the blame here is being placed gently at the feet of suppliers rather than with their own high-tech assembly plant in the Rhone-Alpes. They had better pick up the pace soon because they have just inked a distribution deal with FESA (an association of automotive professionals) and will have a production goal of 1,000 a month. As to why they call it the "Scarlette," we can only answer, somewhat predictably, that frankly, we don't give a damn.

[Source: Avenir Du Vehicule Electrique Mediterraneen]

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