Hyundai delays hybrid, fuel cell?

Hyundai may be delaying the release of their hybrid and fuel cells vehicles. An unnamed Hyundai official told Reuters that Hyundai will mass-produce a Hybrid Elantra through its Kia unit in 2010 and mass produce a fuel cell vehicle starting in 2012 (2015 at the latest). Recently, we reported Hyundai would produce hybrids in 2008, and 2009 and have fuel cell volume sales by 2010 and begin mass sales in 2015. Volume, mass production, and release dates are squishy numbers (companies often say 2007-2008 release for example) so technically, there might not actually be a delay. The new, slightly-further-out release targets for the Hyundai hybrids and fuel cells have us little worried though.

[Source: Reuters]

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