Chrysler won't turn a profit in 2008, but still on track to achieve goals

Despite the fact that the beleaguered automaker has not yet turned a profit since its unceremonious departure from Daimler to Cerberus, Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli says that the company is still on track. "Through the first quarter we are still on plan relative to the pro forma and the targets we established for 2008, in spite of some of the economic winds that are hitting us," he says. In order to turn last year's $1.6 billion loss into positive cash flow, Chrysler will be relying heavily on joint-partnerships like the one it just announced with Nissan (but probably not Fiat) as well as with new and advanced engineering. Nardelli highlights interiors, upcoming technology integration and alternative powertrains as potential new incoming-generating features for their line of vehicles.
[Sources: Automotive News / The Detroit News]

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