eBay Find of the Day: Trans Am SE signed by Burt Reynolds

Click on the image to see more high-res shots of this '78 SE Trans Am

Mid-to-late 70's Pontiac Trans Ams have really been picking up steam on the collector car market. While not nearly as powerful as their more muscular 1969-1974 forebears, the later TAs certainly have a unique and gaudy manly-quality about them, helped in no small part by their association with '70s icon Burt Reynolds and, of course, the Smokey and the Bandit movie franchise. The vehicle you see in this auction is a particularly nice example of the breed. As a 1978 Special Edition Y/82 Trans Am equipped with the desirable Pontiac 400 engine with 4-speed manual tranny, this is already a collectible vehicle. The original Hurst Hatches and AM/FM/8-track player and CB radio along with the rare rear-console add to this bird's rarity.

For real Burt Reynolds aficionados, though, this fire-breathing Poncho offers something truly special: his signature on the dash. Not only that, Burt drove the vehicle around while he was in Georgia helping to develop Year One's Bandit Edition replica car and it has been on television numerous times. With all it has going for it, don't expect this car to come cheap. In fact, it's already past $46 grand with days still to go in the auction.

[Source: eBay Motors]

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