eBay Find of the Day: 2009 BMW 7 Series front bumper?

Well, waddaya know... you really can find anything on eBay. We have no way of knowing for sure if this front bumper offered for auction on eBay Germany is really from a preproduction 2009 BMW 7 Series, but it sure looks the part based on spy shots and renderings that we've seen. We can't imagine just how somebody would end up with this particular piece, but we're having fun imagining a bit of dumpster-diving around the BMW design studio. One can't help but wonder where the rest of the car may be. Didn't anybody notice the missing front end?

The seller claims that the front bumper comes from a prototype next-gen 7 Series and prefers that the item be picked up in Munich. Want it? As of this writing, the high-bid is just 25.5 euros. Seems worth at least that much, assuming it's for real.

[Source: eBay.de via Piston Heads]

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