Cadillac CTS convertible: American coachbuilding at its finest

While Cadillac busies itself with a 2-door version of the new CTS sedan, the folks over at Coach Builders, Ltd have been busy taking their tops off. The boulevardier CTS gets an insulated, hydraulically-powered roof fitted with a heated glass rear window and cloth headliner. The top also comes in several colors. Judging by this pic, it also looks like a fair bit of work has gone into making the car look good with the top down. No word on what happens to trunk space, however.

It'll cost you more than a few quarters -- $19,000 gets the job done in eight weeks -- but that's the price of exclusivity, right? It's also employs a manual release, but these things happen when you're a style pioneer. We'd like to see pics of the car with the top up, because we wonder if this could be the first cloth-topped Caddy truly fit for the younger set.

[Source: Inside Line]

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