Carrozzeria Touring unveils Maserati A8 GCS at Villa d'Este

Click above to view the Touring Maserati A8 GCS in hi-res

Since the news broke that Maserati was planning a new sportscar to rival the benchmark Porsche 911, Italian styling houses have been lining up to pitch their designs for how they think the new Trident sportscar should look. Following the Chicane concept unveiled in Geneva by the students of the Instituto Europeo di Design, the resuscitated Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera threw its hat into the ring this weekend with the A8 GCS concept you see above.

Together with Touring's other Maserati concept, the Quattroporte-based Bellagio Fastback, the A8 GCS design study was unveiled at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este, the annual Mecca of class and performance on the shores of trendy Lake Como in Italy. Inspired by Pininfarina's iconic Maserati A6 GCS Berlinetta of 1954, the Touring concept presents a compelling mix of modern design and retro touches. While it's hard to make the case that, with even the most well-established outfits struggling to get by, the industry really needs another Italian design house or coachbuilder, if these are the results then we can hardly complain. Check out the images in the gallery below to see what we mean.

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