VIDEO: Winding Road drives the Audi R8 TDI LeMans

Audi's R8 TDI LeMans concept is a powerful, exotic, and diesel-fueled supercar. Given its one-off nature, few have experienced it firsthand. Last month we told you about Autoweek and Fourtitude's time behind the wheel, as they drove the concept at an Audi drive event. The 500 hp V12 diesel was crippled by its modified A4 transmission and Audi's imposed 50 mph max speed, but the smooth power of the German oil burner was still present. The car was also on hand at the New York Auto Show, where low-speed demo drives were offered among a motorcade of Q7 TDIs that acted as pace cars.

Our friends over at Winding Road also spent some time with the R8 TDI, and the online mag had a full spread dedicated to the 738 lb-ft beast. The article is an interesting read, and it also comes with video footage and an interview with the car's technical project manager. Among the items covered in the video is a segment on how the engineers shoehorned the massive V12 into the R8's engine bay. Naturally, there's straight car footage, too. Hit the read link below to view the video.

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[Source: Winding Road]

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