Please, don't take my truck, the website

We hear a lot about how the stricter emissions laws in California are sometimes used by other states. Over a dozen states have either taken some or all of the California laws or are contemplating doing so; and sometimes those discussions cause trouble. In Minnesota, truck, SUV and minivan supporters are trying to prevent their state from adopting the California standards. Don't Take My Truck was set up by the Minnesota Auto Dealers Association to get Minnesotans to contact state representatives and voice concerns about the Clean Car Standard (HF 863), which state Representative Melissa Hortman is pushing through the legislature. According to the Don't Take My Truck folks, the law will hurt customer choice in the state and "impair the state's ethanol policy," among other arguments against the bill (PDF).

As our friends over at Green Daily point out, while Don't Take My Truck claims that trucks are "99% more efficient that they were in the 1970s" and that trucks are not a major contributor to global warming, the Oakridge National Laboratory finds otherwise and that about a third of all U.S carbon dioxide emissions comes from cars and light trucks. Trucks aren't alone in contributing to that third, but to say they're not a "major contributor" is slippery at best.

[Source: Don't Take My Truck via Green Daily]

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