State shaped like penis bans Truck Nutz

Truck drivers in the great phallic state of Florida can kiss their Truck Nutz good-bye after getting the shaft from their state government. The state senate decided that adorning a hitch with a set of bull clock-weights should be punishable by a $60 fine, though the vote was far from unanimous. Sen. Jim King, (R-Jacksonville) actually owned a set before his wife insisted the truck be emasculated, and the adept politician was on record calling the genital display "an expression of truckliness." If I lived in Florida, that guy would have my vote.

It kills us that people can talk on the phone while putting on makeup or eating a cheeseburger, but Truck Nutz are considered a distraction worthy of a substantial fine. And how in the hell are the cops going to keep a straight face when they have to approach a car and say "Excuse me sir, but do you realize there are testicles hanging from your bumper?" Get that little conversation on tape and you've got an instant YouTube classic. Thanks for the tip, Stephen!

[Source: Tallahassee Democrat]

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