San Francisco helps you hire a hybrid

Have you been planning on flying into San Francisco and renting a car to get around? The folks down at city hall would prefer that your rental be a hybrid and they are willing to help you pay for it. The free money for making a more environmentally-friendly car rental choice will come in the form of a $15 rebate which ought to be enough for a latte and a croissant or three a couple of gallons of gas.

Mayor Gavin Newsom announced the proposed program just last Tuesday and with two million cars being rented every year at SFO, he's pretty sure someone will take him up on the offer. Besides the rebate for customers, the plan also calls for rental companies who show that at least 15 percent of their rentals have been fuel efficient vehicles to get a 20 percent break on the fees they pay for their concession space at the airport. Don't rush off this instant to take advantage of the saving though as the pilot program is only scheduled to begin in December.

[Source: SFGate]

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