U-turn ahead: White House preparing global warming initiative

U-turn. Waking up. Flip flop. Call it what you want (the Washington Times, headed by the very strange Sun Myung Moon, called it "changing course"), but the White House might be getting ready to call on Congress to pass a bill that deals with global warming. According to the Mooney Times (the only paper that seems to have talked to anyone - every other source online just references the Times article), White House officials are fearing a "regulatory nightmare" - thanks to those lawsuits over the EPA's ability to regulate greenhouse gases, for example - if they don't pass a law quickly. White House spokesperson Dana Perino said the regulations were headed into "train wreck" territory. One anonymous official said that the administration hopes that "the debate over [global warming] is over, and it is time to do something." O rly?
The Times writes that Republicans in Congress apparently think the White House is "making a mistake" by going down this road. Funny, they didn't speak up all the other times mistakes were made.

[Source: Washington Times, ]

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