Flip & Tumble introduces the first reusable bag designed for a cup holder. Seriously

If you can't make it to SoCal to get your free reusable bag from the local Honda dealers, then perhaps you'll interested in Flip & Tumble's bag called 24-7. Why is this bag different than any other reusable bag in existence? Well, it's not, really. The company, though, is trying to make a point that the compact size of the 24-7 bag will make it easy to always have available and avoid those "oh#@*! moments at the checkout line." Flip & Tumble is correct when they say that a reusable bag that sits at home isn't much of a reusable bag. Plus, and here's the auto angle, the compacted 24-7 bag fits nicely in a cup holder. I asked the company for a picture of the bag in "action" and they provided the image above. If the bag fits...

While I like the look and color of these bags, I'm pretty sure that the old plastic grocery bags and the Wrapsack that sit in my trunk (and in my backpack, for when I'm grocery shopping on my bike) will work just fine for the foreseeable future. When they're all ripped to pieces, then I'll consider Flip & Tumble. You?

[Source: Eva @ Flip & Tumble]

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