2009 BMW Z4 to be offered with either soft- or hard-top

The BMW Blog, which is fast becoming our main resource for news regarding the propellor brand, is reporting that the 2009 Z4 will be offered both as a soft-top convertible and a hard-top. Much like Mazda offers the MX-5 with a traditional softy and a separate model with a folding hard top, BMW will reportedly do the same for the Z4. In this competitive market for the upper middle class dollar, BMW will be able to satisfy traditionalists and performance purists who like the ease-of-use and lighter weight of a soft-top convertible, while also addressing the needs of buyers who want a Z4 that's useable all year round. The Z4's main competition, the Mercedes-Benz SLK, is only offered as a hard-top convertible, which also gives BMW a leg up on its main rival in this segment. It's hard to argue with an automaker offering customers more choice, and we're eager to see how the Z4's unique styling blends with a hard roof. We've already seen spy pics of the car wearing the metal roof, which led many of us to believe that the new hard top would be the only option. We'll have to wait and see whether BMW Blog got it right and the brand it favors will be offering both, but this blog has been right before. Thanks for the tip, Horatiu!
[Source: BMW Blog]

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