Spy Shots: BMW Z4 hardtop cabriolet

The 2009 BMW Z4 has been caught out testing again, and by the look of it, the cloth roof is going to go away. The last batch of shots left people wondering what kind of roof the little coupe would wear, with many predicting a continuation of the cloth hood. These shots, however, give a pretty good indication of a retractable hardtop. Instead of the 3-Series' three-piece folding top, the Z4 will merely fold in two. If the shots don't lie, then the SLK won't be able to lord it's folding metal over its competitors much longer. According to our best French and the help of Babelfish, the Z4 will also grow in length from 13.42 feet to 14.11 feet, in order to leave room for a Z2 that will be racier than the 1-Series. It is also claimed that the Z4M will arrive in 2010 or 2011 and come with the 420-hp V8 in the M3.

[Source: Cardisiac]

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