Redesign proposed for T-Rex trike

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When we had our first close encounter with the T-Rex at the 2007 Montreal Auto Show in this blogger's hometown, it had just undergone a minor cosmetic update. Now on the market for 14 years, local industrial designer Johnatan Côté of Morelli Designers is proposing a complete redesign to bring it up to date.

The biggest change is the removal of the roof, which consisted of little more than a couple of tubes in the first place, but added vital roll-over protection and structural fortitude to the vehicle. Coupled with a more dynamic, modern design, the updated T-Rex proposal also incorporates more storage space, doing away with the optional saddle-bags on the current model while increasing much-needed capacity for things like crash helmets and groceries. Overall, the design makes a compelling case for an updated T-Rex, but makes us wonder what it is about the Canadian province of Quebec that makes it a breeding ground for sporty reverse trikes like this, as well as the Bombardier Can-Am-Spyder and the Cirbin V13R. Well, we guess you need to have something to do when hockey season is over. Thanks for the tip, Jarrett!

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[Source: Gizmag]

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